Ball & Barry Law Ball & Barry Law is a Colorado law firm that helps businesses and families protect what they have built. We are a small and nimble firm designed to meet the needs of our clients. Whether it’s creating an estate plan, growing a business or resolving a legal dispute, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in creating cost effective solutions for the complex legal issues you face in expanding your business, navigating litigation and protecting your family.

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  • Equal Pay Act Violations — New Ruling & What Employers Need to Know

    The Equal Pay act requires that men and women be paid the same rate (and hired at the same salary) assuming they are doing the same type of work. There is an exception in the law for pay differences that are not related to sex—that is, you can legally pay a man more than a […]
  • Colorado Enacts New Data Privacy and Data Breach Laws

    It seems that every time we turn on the news, there is another report about data privacy and a major company having its customers’ personal data hacked. The notices and subsequent apologies come fast and furious, but because only the large data breaches get news coverage, you may be left wondering what your business has […]
  • Your Business May Need a Non-Solicitation Agreement

    Your business may need a non-solicitation agreement — which is a closely related to a non-compete agreement, but has its own legal technicalities.


Testimonial 1

Michael is a corporate attorney par excellence! He has been a valuable business partner, trusted advisor and friend over the past 6 years. A high level of competency, timely results and responsiveness are things that make him stand out. I would highly recommend him for any corporate law matter.

Venkat Devraj
CEO / SelectHub

Testimonial 2

I have worked with Michael for over seven years. He has assisted my companies, Alchemy Plastics and Catalyst Card Company, with their formation, fund raising from investors and day to day legal issues. I appreciate his practical and cost effective solutions for our various corporate legal issues. I have been very pleased with his work for many years and we would highly recommended his services to other business owners.

Christopher Molke
Catalyst Card Company – CEO and Founder / Alchemy Plastics – CEO and Founder