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Jul 8th, 2020   Ball Barry
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Having Fun with Fundraising — Helping EVERYONE Access Early Stage Capital

Money is the lifeblood of every business.  All businesses and their founders need capital to start and grow.  This 60-minute session helps Founders learn about raising capital so that they can secure the funds the business needs to thrive.  At the same time we guide Founders away from the pitfalls they can face if they misstep in search of the golden egg.

Founders face a dizzying array of questions they must answer on a daily basis.  Securing capital is one of the most important and complex questions any Founder faces.  Private equity is a common and often necessary way for businesses to raise needed capital for growth or expansion.  Selling a part of your company’s  equity can help your business expand its operations or obtain the person-power that it otherwise may not be able to afford.

Many business owners mistakenly believe federal and state securities laws do not apply to them. After all, the business does not sell shares of stock on the market and it has not “gone public.” 

In fact, the sale of any ownership in a business (including sales through private equity) is highly regulated by state and federal securities laws.  The penalties for ignoring or violating federal or state securities laws can cause personal and sometime even criminal liability.

During this session, Michael Barry will discuss topics such as corporate internal documents, filing requirements and what information to provide to investors.  David Ball will tackle the risks of fundraising and how to mitigate the real concern of disgruntled investors having recourse against a company and its founders.

Our presentation also addresses the unique challenges that exist with respect to companies owned or managed by minority groups.  Throughout our session, we will discuss how to overcome common barriers experienced by minority groups so that EVERYONE can gain access to capital.  

If you’re contemplating expansion of your business through private equity, this session is a must to discover what you need to know.

Michael and David will be available at the close of the session to answer individual questions.

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