Colorado equal pay act

Equal Pay Act Violations — New Ruling & What Employers Need to Know

The Equal Pay act requires that men and women be paid the same rate (and hired at the same salary) assuming they are doing the same type of work. There is an exception in the law for pay differences that are not related to sex—that is, you can legally pay a man more than a […]

personal data security

Colorado Enacts New Data Privacy and Data Breach Laws

It seems that every time we turn on the news, there is another report about data privacy and a major company having its customers’ personal data hacked. The notices and subsequent apologies come fast and furious, but because only the large data breaches get news coverage, you may be left wondering what your business has […]

non-solicitation agreements

Your Business May Need a Non-Solicitation Agreement

Your business may need a non-solicitation agreement — which is a closely related to a non-compete agreement, but has its own legal technicalities.

disinherited spouse rights

The Rights of a Disinherited Spouse in Colorado Probate Laws

Colorado probate law may entitle a disinherited spouse to an elective share of your estate, even if your will says otherwise.

Michael Barry accepted to EXECs Advocacy Program

We are thrilled to announce that our own Michael Barry has been accepted to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce EXECs Advocacy Program, a 9-month program that offers exclusive insight into the workings of prominent Colorado companies through business tours and policy-based forums with key Colorado executives and officials. We are honored that Ball and Barry […]

wrongful termination

What Does Wrongful Termination Mean in Colorado?

Colorado is an at-will employment state, which means that an employer does not have to have any valid reason or good cause to fire employees. Employers can be unfair or unreasonable in making decisions to fire, without being legally liable to the fired employees. Even in at-will employment states, there are times when firing an […]

Private Equity – What Every Business Must Know

If you own a small or mid-sized business that has sold equity in the business through a private equity sale, you may think that you do not need to worry about securities laws. After all, you do not sell shares on any of the stock markets, and you have not “gone public,” so maybe you […]

Colorado Will Contests (Who Can Contest and How to Do it)

No one wants to imagine a situation in which a will contest is necessary, but unfortunately, sometimes there’s no avoiding it. A will contest allows someone to challenge the way in which a will distributes the assets of a person who has died.  Like all states, Colorado has special rules regarding will contests, including who […]

Non-Compete Agreements – When are they Enforceable?

As a business owner, you’d probably like to limit your former employees from taking the skills, information and “know how” learned at your company to a competitor. You may be able to accomplish this feat by having them sign a non-compete agreement or restrictive covenant during the hiring process— but beware! Colorado law is quite […]

Why you need written agreements with your business partner!

As business attorneys, we are routinely surprised how often successful business partners do not have agreements governing their business relationship.  Before people get married, they usually give a good deal of thought to whether their partner is right for them. They may take months or even years, to see if what they have with the […]

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