There is no such thing as a "simple lease".

In Search of the Simple Lease

by David C. Uhlig There is no simple lease. During my day to day, I draft and negotiate a fair amount of commercial lease agreements.  They range from office leases, to retail leases and industrial leases but invariably, especially with new clients leasing their first space, the conversation begins the same; they say “I am […]

David C. Uhlig joins Ball Barry Uhlig as partner

Ball Barry Uhlig, PLLC Welcomes New Partner David C. Uhlig

Denver, Colorado, September 2019 —  Ball Barry Uhlig (formerly Ball & Barry Law) is very pleased to announce the addition of David C. Uhlig as a new partner of the firm. The addition of Uhlig, whose practice encompasses real estate transactions, corporate transactions, and general business law issues, is reflective of the firm’s investment in […]

legal questions answered for startup businesses

Denver Startup Week 2019 Track Submission Voting is Open Until May 20, 2019. Vote to have this key legal track included.

SPEED LEGAL: Starting, Growing and Funding Your Business Click here to vote for Speed Legal! Founders face pivotal decisions in the early stage, from initial incorporation to HR, stock options, and IP strategies. Then, there’s funding, growth, and exit. The pitfalls are perilous if sound legal decisions aren’t made at the beginning. No matter where […]

A power of attorney specifies how vital areas of your affairs will be handled in case you are incapacitated.

A Power of Attorney is a Useful Tool in an Emergency

When we think of estate documents, we tend to think about wills and trusts. We want our loved ones to get as much of an estate as possible — without creditors, or the IRS, taking a huge chunk out of what we intend to leave for them. Using Powers of Attorney We do not often […]

employment contract arbitration agreements

Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts – When is this a good idea??

In our practice, we often see mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts.  Whether you are an employee or an employer will often dictate if these arbitration clauses are favorable for you. What is Arbitration? Arbitration dictates that a case is heard out of a courthouse, in front of an arbitrator who decides the case. The […]

Can You Protect Your Intellectual Property?

Can you protect your intellectual property?

Equal Pay Act Violations — New Ruling & What Employers Need to Know

Equal pay act violations do not require any showing of intent — the mere difference in salary, with no justification, will be enough to violate the act. The Equal Pay act requires that men and women be paid the same rate (and hired at the same salary) assuming they are doing the same type of […]

Colorado Enacts New Data Privacy and Data Breach Laws

Colorado has enacted stronger data privacy protections for customers and clients, putting new requirements on how businesses safeguard the personal information they collect from people. It seems that every time we turn on the news, there is another report about data privacy and a major company having its customers’ personal data hacked. The notices and […]

Your Business May Need a Non-Solicitation Agreement

Last fall, BBU published a blog post on non-competition agreements. This post addresses how your business may benefit from a non-solicitation agreement. If your business hires particularly skilled employees, or through the term of their employment they will acquire crucial information about how your business operates and thrives, you may have given some thought to […]

The Rights of a Disinherited Spouse in Colorado Probate Laws

Colorado probate law may entitle a disinherited spouse to an elective share of your estate,even if your will says otherwise. It is a reality of life that some people elect to separate, without getting legally divorced. After leaving, they often create (or alter) probate documents such as wills to reflect that they do not want […]

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