Rental Property Protections of an LLC

You May Want the Rental Property Protections of an LLC

Rental property can be a good investment, and that investment can benefit from protections of an LLC. Owning property and renting it out can be a good way to make money. It is also a relatively safe long term investment. Of course, owning and leasing out property means some degree of risk. Many people may […]

Denver Startup Week 2019 Speed Legal session

We need your vote by May 20th – Denver Startup Week – Ball & Barry Law

Ball & Barry Law, in collaboration with four other Denver law firms, has submitted a proposal to present at Denver Start-up Week. The topic of our presentation is: Starting, Growing, and Funding your Business. Denver Start-up Week will select the proposals with the most votes to present at the event in September. This is one […]

legal questions answered for startup businesses

Denver Startup Week 2019 Track Submission Voting is Open Until May 20, 2019. Vote to have this key legal track included.

SPEED LEGAL: Starting, Growing and Funding Your Business Click here to vote for Speed Legal! Founders face pivotal decisions in the early stage, from initial incorporation to HR, stock options, and IP strategies. Then, there’s funding, growth, and exit. The pitfalls are perilous if sound legal decisions aren’t made at the beginning. No matter where […]

Non-Compete Agreements – When are they Enforceable?

As a business owner, you’d probably like to limit your former employees from taking the skills, information and “know how” learned at your company to a competitor. You may be able to accomplish this feat by having them sign a non-compete agreement or restrictive covenant during the hiring process— but beware! Colorado law is quite […]

Why you need written agreements with your business partner!

As business attorneys, we are routinely surprised how often successful business partners do not have agreements governing their business relationship.  Before people get married, they usually give a good deal of thought to whether their partner is right for them. They may take months or even years, to see if what they have with the […]

5 Things to know when you Receive Stock Options or Stock Awards

If you company has offered you stock options or other stock awards, here are five things you should know: 1.  Lower Salary Now Stock options give you equity, or an ownership share, in the company. Usually if a company offers stock options, it’s because your base salary will be lower than the average for your position […]