The Rights of a Disinherited Spouse in Colorado Probate Laws

Colorado probate law may entitle a disinherited spouse to an elective share of your estate,even if your will says otherwise. It is a reality of life that some people elect to separate, without getting legally divorced. After leaving, they often create (or alter) probate documents such as wills to reflect that they do not want […]

Colorado Will Contests (Who Can Contest and How to Do it)

No one wants to imagine a situation in which a will contest is necessary, but unfortunately, sometimes there’s no avoiding it. A will contest allows someone to challenge the way in which a will distributes the assets of a person who has died.  Like all states, Colorado has special rules regarding will contests, including who […]

Colorado Uniform Trust Decanting Act

The Colorado legislature recently passed the Colorado Uniform Trust Decanting Act (the “Act”). The Act, which went into effect on August 10, 2016, allows a trustee to reform an irrevocable trust document to ensure that the trust fulfills the original intent of the person who created the trust. The term “decanting” means the pouring of […]

Will Disputes

If you are an interested party, meaning that you are receiving or could receive an inheritance from a will, you may obtain the services of a probate attorney and engage in a will contest. However, note that you and your attorney must have one or more valid reasons to participate in will disputes. The first […]