Michael Barry accepted to EXECs Advocacy Program

We are thrilled to announce that our own Michael Barry has been accepted to the Colorado Chamber of Commerce EXECs Advocacy Program, a 9-month program that offers exclusive insight into the workings of prominent Colorado companies through business tours and policy-based forums with key Colorado executives and officials. We are honored that Ball and Barry […]

Private Equity – What Every Business Must Know

If you own a small or mid-sized business that has sold equity in the business through a private equity sale, you may think that you do not need to worry about securities laws. After all, you do not sell shares on any of the stock markets, and you have not “gone public,” so maybe you […]

End of Life Options Act

Colorado recently became the fifth state to allow medical aid in dying. The passage of Proposition 106, or the End of Life Options Act (the “Act”), is a catalyst to encourage Coloradans to think about and plan for potentially life-threatening situations. To exercise rights under the Act, an individual must be 18 years of age […]

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