We use our corporate law expertise daily to help our clientele address a broad range of questions, issues and concerns as they arise. Whether you need to understand which entity is best for a business you are starting, adding a partner or need an LLC operating agreement we can help you identify the questions you should consider and arrive at the correct decisions. Leverage our expertise helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and going concern businesses structure, form and re-structure companies.

Some of the work we do in this area includes:

  • Choice of entity form and entity creation;
  • Choice of state of incorporation or organization;
  • Re-organizations and restructuring;
  • Internal equity transfers;
  • Partnership Agreements and LLC Operating Agreements;
  • Corporate Bylaws;
  • Consents and Resolutions;
  • Corporate Formalities and maintenance;
  • Stock grants and Stock option agreements; and
  • Advice on internal policies and best practices.