Sales Transactions

Residential real estate transactions can be tricky for both buyers and sellers. Often, in the interest of keeping costs down, the parties go it alone, relying on the brokers and form documents. That approach is usually fine, but in certain situations, an experienced real estate lawyer is essential to protect the buyer or the seller. A few examples are:

  • high value property transactions,
  • transactions involving section 1031 tax free exchanges,
  • pre-construction contracts for future projects,
  • purchases of newly built homes,
  • sale & leaseback transactions,
  • seller financing (also known as seller carryback transactions), and
  • purchases of property intended for use as rental property or other business purposes.

We have years of experience working with realtors and managing complex residential sales, from contract through closing. We’ve helped residential buyers and sellers successfully complete transactions in the most exclusive communities along the front-range, and in Aspen, Vail, Telluride and other mountain communities.


Landlords renting private homes or condominiums need a leasing lawyer to draft a contract that covers all of the contingencies. From a tenant’s perspective, a leasing lawyer can help think through the document and identify over-reaching, onerous or non-typical provisions. We provide expert legal advice to landlords and tenants on leasing matters.

Easements, Construction Contracts, Architectural Agreements & other Contracts

We are experts at helping property owners analyze, draft and negotiate easements, licenses, construction and architecture contracts, property management agreements, along with a host of others agreements affecting homes and property. We can help protect your interests by ensuring timely performance by contractors and reducing potential negative impacts on your property rights.